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EQ College Fund Promo

EQ College Fund Promo

PROMO PERIOD: September 10 - November 30, 2018

  1. A participant may join in the nationwide raffle promo by collecting the required number of EQ packs.
  2. Each envelope is equivalent to one raffle entry and must contain the required EQ packs to be valid. (Please see table below):

A. EQ Dry with Bubble Top Sheet and Waistband and EQ Dry with Bubble Top Sheet and Waistband +Free Pad
EQ Dry Mini Packs (NB4s, S4s, M4s, L4s, XL4s, XXL3s)4
EQ Dry Travel Pack (NB22s+1, S20s+1, M18s+1, L16s+1, XL14s+1, XXL12s +1 )2
EQ Dry Econo Pack (NB44s, S40s+2, M36s+2, L32s+2, XL28s+2, XXL24s+2)1
EQ Dry Jumbo Pack (S60s, M54s, L48s, XL42s, XXLs36s)1
EQ Dry Mega Pack (M84s, L72s, XL60s)1
B. EQ Plus with Magic Tape +Free Pad and EQ Plus with Magic Tape
EQ Plus Mini Packs (S4s, M4s, L4s, XL4s)4
EQ Plus Budget Pack with +1 Free Pad (S12s+1, M12s+1, L12s+1,XL12s+1, XXL12s+1)2
EQ Plus Big Pack with +2 Free Pads (S36s+2, M32s+2, L28s+2, XL24s+2, XXL20s+2)1
EQ Plus Jumbo Pack with +4 Free Pads (L42s+4, XL36s+4)1
C. EQ Pants
EQ Pants Budget Pack (M1s0, L10s, XL10s, XXL10s)2
EQ Pants Big Pack (M24s, L24s, XL24s, XXL24s)1
EQ Pants Jumbo Pack (M40s, L40s, XL40s, XXL40s)1
Old labels will not be accepted (EQ Plus with Waistband and EQ Dry with Magic Tape)

  1. To qualify as winner, the entry should:
    1. Contain the required number of EQ packs per pack type and brand. (Please see Table 1 above).
    2. Have at least ¾ of the original wrapper intact. EQ Logo and number of points on the side should be intact.
  2. Entries containing soiled wrappers (wrappers contaminated with urine, feces or mud, discolored or faded wrappers) will be disqualified.
  3. Customers can send as many entries as they want with the corresponding required number of wrapper/wrappers per entry. (Please see table 1 above).
    • Five (5) Grand Prize Winners of Sun FlexiLink Insurance + Investment worth P150,000* One (1) winner each for GMA, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
    • Five Hundred (500) Consolation Prize Winners of National Book Store Gift Certificate worth P3,000 - One hundred (100) winners each for GMA, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao
    1. *Sun FlexiLink is an investment and insurance plan that will help winners realize their financial goals within a pre-identified time-frame (e.g. after 18 years). The investment component will be placed in a fund with a target-date (based on pre-identified time-frame) called MyFuture Fund.

    • Entries will be classified into five (5) areas: GMA, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao
    • Deadline for submission of entries and the corresponding draw dates are as follows:

    Deadline of SubmissionDecember 14, 2018 5pm
    Draw DateDecember 28, 2018 9am at JSU respective
    offices in Bulacan, Cebu and Davao

    *For more information, please go to this site:

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